Saturday, October 24, 2015

Need a reason to Vietnam Holidays

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia which has a leading tourist spot. The country has a strong culture and still maintained until now. Different sensation is also felt in this country because it has a dark history in warfare. You can enjoy beautiful beaches, shopping center, and the longest river in Southeast Aisa.

The following tourist attractions in Vietnam you must visit

1. Hanoi. It is the capital of Vietnam and one of the favorite places for backpackers. This city has a rich culture, which is rarely found in other areas. Here you can enjoy the culinary in the Old Quarter and plenty of cafes and restaurants in the French Quarter that you can enjoy. For historical tours you can visit the Ho Chi Minh museum.

2. Sapa. Besides Hanoi, Sapa is also an interesting place to visit during a tour in Vietnam. This place has a view of the village are still very natural. You can menikmari sensai winding journey through the mountains, hills and rice paddies. To better enjoy, you can rent a bike for exploring this place.

3. Halong Bay. This place is one of the tourist attractions in Vietnam's most beautiful. Halong Bay is now listed in the UNESCO as world cultural heritage. You can enjoy thousands of small islands, steep cliffs, and caves in this place.

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