Monday, October 19, 2015

Things that should be Brought Up At Mt.

Outdoor activities it currently attracted many people. They prefer outdoor because he wanted to be closer to nature. In addition, outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacker, and traveling can be challenging adrenaline and curiosity is high. But you need to persiapakan if you want to outdor. It is of course for the worst possible time emngurangi risk occurs.

Here are the most useful thing when carried up the mountain.

1. Survival Knife. The blades are very useful in an attempt to survive the worst possible moment occurs when going up the mountain. Besides daapt used to memtong, this knife can also serve to protect themselves, skinning, even digging a hole.

2. Lighters anit-water. To warm at night, usually people start a fire. In addition to warmth, according to psychological apai also help raise the confidence currently in critical condition. Waterproof matches are very useful in this regard because of the weather conditions of the mountain erratic.

3. Water Purification practical. Water is an important elements used in one's life. One of the obstacles on the way up the mountain is the availability of water suitable for consumption. With a practical water purifier could be the solution that you can use in an emergency.

4. Compass. This is the most important thing when going up the mountain. capable compass indicates the direction when you are lost in the woods.

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