Sunday, October 18, 2015

This is the type of Computer and Distribution

On this occasion we will discuss about the type of computer and distribution. Immediately following is the explanation!

Desktop is part of a computer that has a small size are usually placed on the table and is fully equipped with a slot Ekspansion used to put additional cards.
Portable, is a computer that has a smaller size than the desktop. The computer where all the pieces put together to be easy to take anywhere.
Laptop, computer type that this one might be for you already familiar. Laptop size is very simple in comparison with a portable computer. Besides all the components are made integrally.
Notebook, if interpreted from the name alone you probably can already imagine the size of the notebook. Yes, the size of the notebook is the size of a quarto book. To shape is almost the same with the laptop, but it's just the size that distinguishes.
Palmtops, this is the order of the modern computer. Where the sophistication of the technology that is now growing. Thus create palmpot or the type of computer that can be grasped by the relatively small size compared to other types of computers.

Now that's an explanation of the types of computer based distribution. Hopefully by this time you get the explanation pengetahuai more about the type of computer that is growing right now!

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